Thursday, 1 November 2018

(16/100) November is 'Make Art Every Day Month' and That's What I Plan To Do

For the last couple of days, still thinking of Ophelia, I've been drawing female figures from my imagination.  I have LOT to learn about the figure.  So, as this month is  'Make Art Every Day Month' (which I only became aware of today), I have decided to sign up and spend time each day on figure study.  I want eventually to be able to draw or paint a figure with confidence and expression from imagination. I have this, rather vague as yet, vision of creating figurative narrative abstracts. If that is the direction I'm choosing to go right now, then I need to gain some competence in figure drawing. 

Brown Inkjoy gelpen and Arteza brush pens

 As I don't have the option of life class, I will have to use the resources of the internet and use photos for references.  I have a book on anatomy that is a fearful thing, I can't imagine doing drawings from it, but I'll try.  I must also try not to judge myself too much in my attempts and remember I'm learning.  It really doesn't matter if I can't get the muscles and bones all correct, it only matters that I have a better acquaintance with the structure of the body and it's proportions.  I also plan to do straight copies from master drawings of heads and faces.
This all seems a bit rigorous and academic so I will also do some more free and expressive work. There are some great ideas from Access Art with this great resource they added recently  (and it's the reason why I chose Degas as my artist of the month).

While I'm doing these studies I also plan to paint. I'm setting myself the challenge of 30 minutes at the easel every day.  I'm going to paint freely and abstractly.  I'll be experimenting with acrylics and oils with the sole  aim of enjoying the act of painting.  I'm really going to give myself the chance to play and discover.

It's going to be an interesting month.  I'll be following others on the challenge and I hope some will follow me here also. We'll see.


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